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Long riding boots, tall riding boot, field boots,
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Blair and Blenheim 2006

The Equitector team are totally exhausted after 2 long weeks on the road. Firstly we visited Blair Castle in the Scottish Highlands, where once again we were visited by countless Scottish Equitector fans. Its a long way to go, but we really enjoy the Scottish hospitality and will definately visit again next year.

 Donald bought his Equi-Busters last year and is still wearing them with his Kilt! "Most comfortable boots ever", he said, "they kept my feet warm all last winter".

Blenheim was a great show and we were delighted with how many New Classic Long Boots we fitted. The new "short narrow" boot appears to be very popular and as always our unique made to measure service has been well used.

Massive thanks to all of our customers that came to visit us at both shows and please do remember to "TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS !!"

05.09.2023 Repairs Boots & Gaiters
03.08.2019 Yard boots and Stable boots
01.01.2019 Perfect for hunting & showing
01.01.2019 Say goodbye to cold feet
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09.05.2015 Hunting top boots with Climate Control
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03.10.2014 How to get that shine.
16.09.2014 New! Ezip cleanser & lubricator
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